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O Shekhinat-El

Deign, O Holy Mother, to be drawn from your Heavenly abode. 

By the moon and the stars we are guided, 

By the prayers and petitions of olde, 

May the sacred rites we have uttered, 

Draw you near our trembling hearts,

May the holy names uncovered,

Cleanse our souls before we depart.

Deign, O Holy Mother, that our devotions arouse in thee,

Eternal love and mercy and care, 

For pious and faithful are we.

By struggle and suffering together, 

By wails and laments before thee,

Anu Adonai hoshia na!

May you hear our voices, our plea.


Deign, O Holy Mother, to confer upon us your Light,

By your Power and Spirit we are humbled,

By your Presence, we are set aright. 

May your Mysteries envelop our earthly globe,

May the Glory of God be known,

May the Wisdom of Your most Sacred Delight,

Raise our souls beyond that which is known.