Toward the One

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about prisca theologia

a golden thread of magical practice & technique has been woven across time, place and culture.

While many diverse forms of spiritual expression and belief have emerged in our world, there has always been a striking congruence in the applied wisdom of the ages. From the Cunning Folk of Medieval England, to the Shamans of Southern Siberia, the Sufis of ancient Baghdad or the Babalawo of West Africa; a common and consistent approach to spirit working is observed. Ritual offerings of incense, consecration by holy water, anointing oils and use of other “materia magica”, the wearing of phylacteries and invocation and prayer or binding spells, are common to nearly all magical practitioners throughout time and place. This site is therefore dedicated to the study and practice of the “ancient theology” — that collection of time-honoured spiritual techniques to rend the veil of reality and become a conduit for the blessings of divine glory in our world.