On Spiritual Orders, Lineage and Enlightenment

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According to the teachings of the Kabbalistic sages, there are a number of “awakenings” that occur along the spiritual path. With each awakening, a spark of Divine Light is imparted to the adherent. Some of these awakenings occur through one’s own efforts and for one’s own sake — such as, academic study of the bible, torah or occult literature. Some awakenings occur when we draw inwardly — such as, reflection, meditation and prayer. Other awakenings are gained by performing altruistic acts and deeds for the sake of others.

Yet, still there exists, an even higher awakening that cannot be achieved through one’s own means. It is an awakening that is bestowed to the adherent from upon High. It is bestowed only by merit and by petition.

By merit, in the sense that one must demonstrate that they have sought to cleave unto the Divine Being, in thought, word, act and deed. By petition, in the sense that one must approach the sanctum sanctorum with clean hands and pure heart, by the correct footsteps and in the proscribed manner. These protocols are the secret knowledge that was bestowed upon the great sages of lore and passed down through the ages, and codified in the manuscripts, grimoires and teachings of the secret orders.

These protocols are varied and many, though each one unlocks but one key: the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel; a Great Spirit, assigned to each one of us at birth, that will lead us upon the correct path of purity and right action and whisper the secret words, grips or tokens that will enable us to pass through that terrible door, to the Holiest of Holies, whereby we may make petition upon High for a bestowal of that light that will set our souls afire!

While it is true that to accomplish this Great Work, we must step outside ourselves and tread upon the correct path; according to the religious law of “lo lishma” or “not for Her name”, all things are eventually drawn toward “lishma” by means of rectification. In this sense, spiritual lineage is everything and nothing.

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